Pacific Heights 47 acre Ocean View Estate

Pacific Heights Photos

Pacific Heights is a 47 acre Ocean View property along the paved Beach Road from Dominical to San Isidro. This property may be subdivided into commercial, residential, or farms in a variety of sizes because of the public road frontage. Just 15 minutes to the beach or 15 min to the main city of San Isidro. Platanillo has 2 local supermarkets, auto parts and repairs, restaurants, hotels, schools, medical clinic, and various other amenities. This property is nestled in the tropical rain forest mountains of Platanillo and has panoramic ocean and sweeping valley views. Enjoy year round temperatures averaging 75F, relaxing breezes, breathtaking ocean sunsets, and cool night time temperatures.

This property offers:

  • panoramic ocean views
  • dramatic views of the San Juan de Dios Valley
  • approx 850m of paved road frontage
  • approx 1.8km of total public road frontage
  • 1500′-2000′ elevation with Cool weather but below the clouds
  • Surveyor analysis of building sites, roads, & proposed Plantels
  • 15-20 minutes to Dominical Beach or San Isidro

Certifications available

  • AyA certification of Public Water
  • Deserollo Certification of Private Water
  • ICE Certification of Electric Service
  • MOPT Certification
  • Muni Approved USO de Suelo
  • Muni Approved Visado for Building Permits
  • National Registry Certified Plano
  • Surveyor Topographic Mapping
  • Certified National Registry Study

47 acre Arial photo showing Larger Building Sites0 Pacific Heights 4-5H parcels $89.9k

surveyor topographical map with proposed roads and building sitesProposed Plantels

Directions:  Just East of the Platanillo College along the paved road to San Isidro starting at the next public road on the left and ending at the coffee plantation to the east below Alejos. Approximately 10 km from Dominical and 10km from San Isidro